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Build Confidence & Fitness

Self confidence is just like your body it needs to be exercised and developed for it to become strong and fit. This happens over time with each small success you make in your training, making it possible to achieve bigger and better things. With each small success your self confidence grows. The martial arts can help you set and achieve goals and give you the strength and determination to persevere even when the going gets tough. 

 At Martial Art Concepts we help you set both short and long term goals both in the martial arts and fitness related arenas, and a plan for their accomplishment. This may be taking and passing your grading test or simply being able to do more press ups than you did last week or even finishing a drill quicker with more power. Each time you reach a short or a long term goal your self confidence grows.

Training in one or all of the programs we teach at martial art concepts can help you grow both mentally and physically. As you train your body gets stronger and leaner. As a result you look and feel better. Imagine Looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing a stronger more physically fit body this will help you have a new level of self esteem. A strong body will help you to have a strong mind.

Another great thing about the martial arts training you will do at MAC, is that as your body and mind become stronger your skills improve as well. These are very practical skills that can be used in any self defence situation if you or a loved one were ever threatened. This will make you feel empowered and again improve your self confidence knowing that you can ‘look after yourself’ and your family. Get in touch today and discover how it feels to be more confident!

Develop Mind, Body and Spirit

The mind has to be in the NOW, you cannot learn a new technique, combination or kickboxing drill whilst worry about the bills or work! The very nature of learning new physical skills and techniques means you are working out the grey matter keeping your reactions and memory strong, fast and agile. If you are sparring or training a defence drill and you are not solely concentrated on your training partner then you might be getting hit! This gives you great focus and mental concentration skills that are passed on to all areas of your life.

The body has to bend to the will of the mind and therefore when training in martial arts the very nature of the training will mean that you will get STRONGER, FITTER and more FLEXIBILE. As your mind gets stronger your body will follow, heart and lungs will be fitter, muscles will be more toned, joints will be more mobile and flexible, you will have reduced body fat as long as a healthy diet is followed which you will be more likely to stick to as your mind becomes stronger along with your will as your subconscious mind will automatically know that you need a healthy diet to complete you martial arts training.

The spirit will start to grow as the mind becomes stronger along with the body, the spirit will feel it has more POWER! You will take part in life as the vehicle that contains your spirit is being used and exercised regularly in a positive manner giving a healthy outlook on life and impacting on your personal goals in life which you are more likely to reach given your FIGHTING SPIRIT.


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We think the best way for everyone to start is with a free private lesson, so we can assess your levels, discuss your goals and advise on the best possible training program. It also gives you the opportunity to get a taste of martial arts at MAC academies and ask any questions.

If you enjoy the lesson and want to do more you can start with 30 days of free training. There's no obligation so book an appointment today and come and meet our friendly team at your local MAC academy.

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We think the best way to for everybody to start is with a free private lesson. If you think it's for you, we'll then give you 30 days of free training.

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