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5 Steps to Becoming A World Class Martial Artist

For most of my life I used to labour under the illusion that I could get better at things and improve my life by not doing anything in the way of work to accomplish this.

I had it in my head that if I wanted something then it would eventually just fall into my lap, like magic, or a gift from heaven.

The universe would simply say: “I know how you sort of wanted this Steve, and just because you kind of want this, I’m going to give you it. So there you go, it’s yours, free of charge, just because you thought half-heartedly about wanting it. ”

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A Little History of the Martial Arts – Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of our history series.

The Chinese Martial arts developed at three places; the Buddhist Shaolin temple, the Taoist Wu Tang monastery, and the village arts of the peasants themselves. According to legend an Indian prince, the son of a Brahman king in southern India, renounced all his riches and titles and adopted the mantle of a wandering monk.

His intention was to master the Buddhist doctrine of Mahayana which involved searching into one’s own being to discover freedom and enlightenment. This is the core teaching of every religion both in the east and the west, when you get past the outer teachings. Meditation was an essential and only ingredient of this search. Originally meditation is used to control the mind and focus its force upon one point.

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