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Anti Bully – setting the safety rules

In order to keep children safe you must set them rules. Many children don’t understand that they need rules but after just a short while are happy enough to follow them. Rules like no internet access without parental supervision or having their emails/text message linked to your phone.

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Anti Bully week – Telltale signs

In the first blog I mentioned that not all children will report bullying to their parents. In fact 2 out of 3 children don’t report bullying to their parents. In this blog we will discuss some ways to spot a potential bullying situation without being told.

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Open the door to new experiences

Burkhardt says you, as a parent, have a responsibility to “increase life exposures and experiences so the child can develop confidence in coping with a larger world.” Exposing children to new things teaches them that no matter how scary and different something seems, they can conquer it.

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