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Acid Attacks – saving a victim

In the previous blog I wrote about awareness of potential attacks and how to think to make yourself a harder target any would-be attacker.

In this blog I’ll mention about what you can do to a victim of acid attack in order to minimise any damage that may occur.



A target of an acid attack is often the face, this causes the most terror and can inhibit or disable the maximum amount of senses and abilities. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, ability to breath are just some f the things that can be damaged or destroyed by acid thrown at the face.


So what do you do?

Whether it is yourself or someone else that is the victim you will need help immediately. Ambulance services won’t be just around the corner in most situations and with an acid burn action must be taken immediately.


First and foremost a safe area must be made, usually in an acid attack the attacker drives or runs away almost immediately. When helping the victim you should take precautions to prevent any injury to yourself, such as gloves or eye protection.


Acid comes in many forms, if the acid is a powder then it can be brushed of the victim and usually burns if coming into contact with a surface that has water on it such as the eye or mouth.


Liquid acid

  • Should be dosed in water for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Wash the eyes from in to out so not to damage the other eye
  • Gently remove any contaminated clothing
  • Ensure the victim isn’t standing in a puddle of contaminated water
  • Don’t let the victim put their hands to their eyes, there may be acid on their hands


In any case when an acid or suspected acid attack has occurred then you should



The faster you act the better the chances of saving more of the victims face, body and life.