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Chunk to hunk


Most of us know Ed, but most don’t know how much weight he lost through training in the martial arts. We asked him to tell his story and here it is…

Over Christmas 2014 I was weighing over 20 stone, and I’d been depressed for a while. My health was a concern and my wife was worried about me. So nervously I decided to do something about it. I had tried a fitness gym before and it bored me and I felt there was no support from the fitness gym, no direction and no one helping me to set and hit my goals.

ed chance


So I decided to try Martial Arts. I searched martial art academies in my area and I was drawn to MAC. Nervously I picked up the phone and left a message, at that point I was that nervous that I was relieved no one answered and I walked away thinking “well I tried”, because at that precise moment in my life all my confidence, self esteem and belief had gone.


Then just moments later I had a call back from the Program Manager at the Stourbridge MAC academy. I explained to him how I felt and why I had called. During the call he instantly made me feel at ease and gave me hope. He invited me down, showed me around the academy witch looked amazing with unbelievable friendly students, introduced me to the chief instructor, again which  instantly made me feel at ease and he also made me feel like one of the students already, then I had a one to one private session, which I was supported all the way through it. In the hour I was in my introduction I felt supported more then I had been supported in the months I was at the fitness gym. I was made to feel so welcome and reassured that I mattered too, all my insecurities subsided and I felt good, something I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I left the academy that day happy, contented and excited about what was to come. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my wife.


I did my first class on the 5th January 2015, from that day I haven’t looked back. I went to the academy as much as I could, pushing myself and giving it my all. With the support of the MAC family I lost 44 LBS within the first 3 months. While losing lbs was great I also gained an array of support from the friends I made at MAC. By October 2015 I was attending classes 5 times a week 2 hours a night and I had lost over 6 stone!


At that point in my journey the chief instructor asked me if I would like to join the coaching team, seeing it has a honour to be asked, I felt privileged and saw it as an opportunity to educate myself from being just a 9-5 factory, van driver or shelf stacker that I was. This opportunity was going to better me and my family. So I grabbed it with both hands and turned up everyday ready to offer my services to MAC.


By the following year in September 2016 I’d lost over 10 stone and was offered a job as the program manager at MAC academies by Mr Kelly the group Chief Instructor. I have been doing the job since then and it’s been the best decision I could have made or me and my family, my life has become more fulfilled and I can provide a better life for my family.



On the 12 May 2017 I stood on the mat in front of Mr Kelly & Mr Jones and Mr Wardle ready to take my 1st Dan Black Belt which I am massively proud to say I passed! I can honestly say MAC academies has changed my life, not only did it make me half the man I was, but with their continued support has given me my confidence, self respect back as well as helping me reach my goals. My 2 sons are also enrolled into MAC academies now and they are doing really well, they love the training but I also love the life skills they learn as I believe this will have a massive benefit to them as they grow into adults.


This is my story, yours too could be a SUCCESS story with the support of MAC academies.