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Fitness Fun At MAC Academies

Trying to get children to do anything without the element of fun is hard work. Trying to actually get them to have an active interest in it is near impossible.

“My Philosophy is: If you can’t have fun, there’s no sense in doing it”

                                                                                                                                                      Paul Walker

This quote sums up how many children think. Children like fun things, don’t we all? It’s just that as an adult we have learnt that not everything we need to do is fun.  Delayed gratification is a skill, it’s also one that too often is over looked.

Martial arts is proven to teach perseverance and discipline. Two important things linked directly to delayed gratification. Through learning martial arts and gaining each belt as they build up to and beyond their very own black belt, they come to realise that better things are in the future given that they put the work in first.

Martial arts for children is made to be fun as well. Many of the classes have a game that are designed to build on skill that aren’t only physical but also build on those positive character traits.




Encouraging others

These are just a few positives that are learnt through games.

But of course the best part of the specially designed games is that children don’t even realise that are learning all these skills.

Sitting down with children and explaining the importance of respect, teamwork, discipline is important but reinforcing that with games and fun martial arts helps them learn at a massively increase rate.

Games are often at the end of classes and so children learn that through trying hard they will get much more from each class. In this way they learn that if they push themselves to reach their potential they will be happier and also realise that their skill in the martial arts has increase hugely.

Watching a child realise that they have gained so much skill in the martial arts that they enjoy so much is a fantastic feeling, and I personally have seen this so many times.