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So there you are, sitting at home, looking through web sites, watching television, drinking tea and eating junk food, wondering why you don’t feel to good, why you have energy to do the things you want to………

You know you wish to exercise more, you want to do more, you feel conscious about running, after all you hated cross country at school. You know the gym is not for you, sitting on a stationary bike watching the television…….

Is the above you? The read on, the following is a genuine story from a normal person, he go up off the sofa, turned the TV off and made a decision that has changed his life, spend two minutes, read and then change yourself for the better!

After years of struggling with my weight, which caused me to suffer with depression, over Christmas 2014 I decided I was going to do something about it as my weight had now passed the 20 stone marks.

I knew that a gym was not for me as knew it would bore me, so I decided to try MAC in Stourbridge.

On 6th January I had my first lesson and I have been hooked ever since

By training at MAC I feel a lot happier and I know I am also healthier too.

By training at MAC and looking after my diet I have now gone from over 20 stone to 16stone 12lbs in just 8 weeks, a loss of over 44lbs

I know MAC is helping with my depression, I had lost my confidence and my will power and I was struggling in groups of people. Now with the help of MAC i am enjoying socialising, I have my confidence and my will power back and my aim is to achieve my Black Belt

 Eddie Chance-Stourbridge Student