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MAC Welcomes its Newest Black Belts

On Friday 12th May 2017, Martial Art Concepts held its bi-annual Black Belt, 2nd Dan & 3rd Dan grading at the Dudley Port academy.

MAC Welcomes its latest Black Belts

Candidates from all 3 academies, Halesowen, Dudley and Stourbridge including some of the full time team came together at our Dudley Port Academy to be tested by group Chief Instructor Mr. Paul Kelly and Senior Instructors, Mr. Jones and Mr. Wardle. The grading started with circuit’s to warm up and then on to drills from our curriculum which included Jun Fan Gun Fu, Boxing,  Muay Thai, CSW, some knife defence skills & baseball defence skills shown by our 3rd Dan candidates then finishing off with sparring.

Some of the Full Time Team

The candidates had spent the 2 previous Tuesday evenings with Mr Kelly being put through their paces to ensure they were prepared for the test ahead.


All candidates were also required to submit essays’ on various aspects of Mac training and its martial art history and curriculum

MAC prides itself on the high standards set by the chief instructors who have travelled the world to learn their arts and this was seen on the night with the hard work, determination, skills displayed and dedication shown by all the students.


Congratulations to all the adults and children that attended Friday night, you did a fantastic job, welcome you to the MAC Black Belt club!