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Persevere, it pays off

Persevere is a word often heard in martial arts, but then again many don’t actually put this into practice.

There are pretty much no limits when you persevere, most people don’t even realise how much they can accomplish. Just think of a few successful people for example. Of course it’s easy to just say they had it easy or they are naturally talented or any number of other poor excuses, but the truth is that the one thing that binds all success together is perseverance.

So why write a blog on perseverance?


Well the fact is that anything worthwhile in life won’t be easy to achieve, but instead of looking at it in a negative way let’s look at it from a positive point of view. When you achieve something that requires perseverance it’s a fantastic feeling. Not only that, you can be comfortable in the fact that many have tried to do the same thing but they have lacked the perseverance that you have. They thought it was easy, but you knew you had the perseverance to keep going when it wasn’t. That is what makes you different. That is what makes you worth much more.


Where does perseverance come from?


Everyone has failed or not been able to achieve something in the past, this is fact and no point in hiding it. However, there is a brighter side. There are 2 mindsets when it comes to potential failure or finding something hard. You either persevere and achieve or give up and never do that thing you really wanted and deserve to achieve. This is the bittersweet part; if you give up you will give up much more later in life, BUT (and that’s a big but) if you persevere and achieve it means every challenge in the future will be thought of in your mind as a much more positive thing and therefore much more likely to achieve it.


So why don’t you do what you know is right and PERSEVERE. It’s like a treat for your mind.